Ellcrys – Decentralized Version Control For Makers

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Ellcrys is an upcoming blockchain network of technology that intends to transform how developers relate to each other. Also, Ellcrys has an ICO that guarantees fairness and accessibility of its mining and distribution of its cryptocurrency. Ellcrys lets all individuals around the globe build open community-owned software and internet organizations that are democratic.

Problem and solution

The current issue is that providers of web services limit the accounts of an organization to support only a single holder who is granted unlimited access to remove or add users and control the resources and the accounts. This kind of organization arrangement can’t work for organizations that are decentralized in the future.

Therefore on Ellcrys, the center for all repositories for all joint activities will be the git which is multi-owned in that there is no owner, need for trust, headquarter and leader. Contributors can jointly decide a way of sharing revenue and choose a management system that is unique to the repository.

ICO and Pre-Sale

The company hopes to make a statement of intent with the release of their coin this year. The coin has been named ELL and has a supply of 10 billion coins. In coin distribution, the company will use the Stackmint process, which allows the users of the coin from all over the globe exchange their national bank notes for ELL through a validation and scanning process.

The main reason for using this process is to ensure that there is an inclusive and fair distribution of the coin to everybody irrespective of their access to hardware that is specialized for mining.

Name: Ell (plural: “Ellies”)

  • Symbol: ELL
  • Decimal: 8
  • Available Tokens for Sale: 2 000 000 000 (2 Billion)
  • Token Type: ERC20

 How stackmint works

  • Take a photo of a bank note – Photo taking can be done anywhere in the world using a mobile phone
  • Send the bank note to a network node – This process is done for validation purposes
  • Validation of network node – The node on the network validates and rejects the invalid notes, and a fingerprint of an accepted valid banknote is generated and stored
  • Crowdsourced validation – Crowdsourcing is a second validation process where users certify the bank notes manually. Users bet using some of their coins by providing the validation results of the notes, and if they lose, they give up their stake and shares to the new coin.
  • Creation of coins and sharing – After validation of the bank notes, new coins are made and shared between the validators and the owners of the bank notes who keep the lion’s share.

Ellcrys work logic

ELL’s ICO opens this year, between March 30th and April 30th and they will be holding their coin pre-sale for one month (from February 1st to March 1st).

Private Sale

Total Supply:               300,000,000

Price/Ell:                     $0.05

Bonus:                                    Up To 10%

Start Date:                  24th Dec 2017

End Date:                   24th Jan 2018



Total Supply:              800,000,000

Price/Ell:                                  $0.08

Bonus:                                    Up To 35%

Start Date:                  1st Feb 2018

End Date:                   1st Mar 2018


Total Supply:              900,000,000

Price/Ell:                    $0.1

Bonus:                        Up To 25%

Start Date:                   30th Mar 2018

End Date:                   30th Apr 2018


Management and Advisory Team



Ellcrys team member                         ellcrys team member 2

Kennedy Idialu                                  Odion Olumhense

C.E.O/Software Engineer              COO/Project manager           



Ellcrys team member 3Ellcrys team member 4          Ellcrys team member 5

Usman Amusat                 Dave Ozoalor                      Damilare Akinlaja

Designer and

User experience.          Software Engineer             Software Engineer


Other employees are Elvis chidera and Larry Eliemenye who are software engineers.

The advisors of the company are Victor Asemota, (co-founder and director at Swiftacorp), Emeka Okoye (Senior Semantic Web, Architect at Cymantiks), Lanre Oyedotun (Co-Founder/CEO at Delivery Science Inc), and Chuka Ofili (Co-Founder, Chief Enterprise Architect) and Ebot Tabi (Senior Technical Consultant at Andela).

Bitcointalk Profilimiz: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1021424
Eth Cüzdan Adresimiz: 0x26078811656d6b8c0a0037ae5151caf6bca16425

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