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Get ready to mark your calenders for October 18th as DRT is finally joining the market! You can join and monitor the trading from HitBTC and EtherDelta.


DRT, short for Domraider Token, is a coin that has already managed to capture the attention of the Bitcoin world. The DomRaider ICO attributes its current pre-sale success and its overall projected achievements to a few key points:

1-     the expertise and the innovative approaches of their relentless blockchain team which they seamlessly combine to generate a superior creation

2-     the leverage they hold by having the professionalism level of a mature company

3-     the step by step layout they have of their future plans to grow and profit both the ICO and its investors

4-     the legal accountability they have by already being approved and audited by the French legislators

DRT Token

In terms of the numeric data here is what has been announced on quantity, dates, prices and more:

  • 2 million was raised until October 2016 and that was matched by another 2 by supplementary financing in May 2017
  • 560,000,000 have been sold successfuly
  • 1 DRT currently equals 0.10 EURO
  • The offical ICO sale will continue until the 11th of October 2017 and the process can be contributed to or observed from the offical DomRaider website.
  • The total number of coins are quite high with a creation level of 1,000,000,000 Of this number, 350 million which makes up 35% of total DRT tokens will be distributed between the token pre-sale and the official ICO. Meanwhile, 15% of the tokens will be distributed to stakeholders, team members, advisors and the community members. Lastly, 500 million (50%) tokens will remain in the reserve for future use according to (
  • DRT is an ERC20 type of token

The team behind the DRT sure looks very vibrant in the photos but lets examine them a bit more closely. The dedicated team of 33 people is composed of over 7 nationalities which enables them to have a global uderstanding and have the mind set to reach a worldwide success. Also, the team operates from different countries which basically means that innovating, fixing, and monitoring markets happens 24/7

The advisory team is also very impressive as well known people such as Eddy Travia, William Mougayar and Richard G.Kastelein are only few of DomRaider’s listed advisors.

The accelerated creation of new ICOs and false news surronding coins are making it difficult to tell the good and bad apart. However, all the information and stats about DRT have been credible and consistent so far which means that DRT really is the real deal.

DomRaider network pleges to setting itself apart by being transparent, trustworthy and interoperable while staying fast when it comes to innovations and transactions. If the DomRaider team can follow the roadmap they mention on their website and show the bitcoin world how the decentralization of auctions in real time can be done in a superior way, then there is no doubt that the value of the coin and the company will only grow!


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Domraider road map

Welcome to DomRaider

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